Roel Kerkhofs
rue Jules van Praetstraat
25 Bruxelles 1000 Brussel
gsm.  0032 (0)473 411 608

teacher at Sint-Lucas Ghent
atelier Mixed Media

019 / Making space for new identities

deelname aan de publicatie The Subjective Atlas of Brussels, onder leiding van Annelys De Vet

The Subjective Atlas of Brussels showcases the work of designers, artists and other creative minds who all share this kind of love for Brussels, depicting the diverging narratives and histories of different spaces, allowing us to dwell on the fascinating snapshots that make up this great metropolis.

Subjective Editions is a publishing initiative that develops and disseminates bottom-up engaged mapping publications. An expanding series of subjective atlases is being made in collaboration with local communities. These volumes map out a country, region or geopolitical entity in a personal way by the inhabitants themselves.

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